Shantiniketan Public School Khanapur

विद्या धनं सर्व धनं प्रधानं

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Sunday, 30 Apr 2017




Shri. Vitthal S. Halgekar B.Sc., B.Ed.

President, Mahalaxmi Group Education Society. Founder of Mahalaxmi group of organizations, including Mahalaxmi Multipurpose Co-op Credit Society which has helped many farmers and small entrepreneurs in Khanapur and Belgaum talukas become self reliant. Completed schooling in Topinkatti, working as a Teacher.


Shri. Bharat M. Topinkatti M.Sc.

Chairman, School Governing Council, Shantiniketan Public School. Associate Professor of Physics in GSS College, Belgaum. Brought like minded people from around Khanapur under the umbrella of Mahalaxmi Group Education Society, in order to provide  state-of-art schooling facilities in Khanapur for the benefit og rural students. Born and did schooling in Nidgal village.


Smt. Rajashree Arlimatti B.Sc., M.A., M.Ed.

Covent educated and science graduate from belgaum , with a post-graduate degree in Education and English. Worked in Teacher Training Colleges and as Principal of KLE International School. Currently, Principal of KLE Society's T.T.I.(English), Belgaum.


Shri. Rajaram S. Kadam B.E.(E & C)

Born and Schooled in Nidgal Village. Has worked in Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Presently working in USA as consultant to Patni Computers.


Smt. Asha Vivek Kangralkar B.E.(E & C), M.Tech.(Electronics)

Born and brought up in a village near Mudhol (Bijapur District). Convent educated. Presently working on an assignment for Texas Instruments, USA.


Shri. Sanjay M. Topinkatti B.Sc. B.Sc.(Tech)

Alumni of prestigious UDCT, Mumbai University. Born, brought up and schooling in Nidgal village. Has worked abroad in South Africa, China and Germany. Presently working in Vadodara (Gujarat).


Shri. Rajendra S. Patil M.Sc.

Honorable Secretary, Mahalaxmi Group Education Society. Born and schooled in Bidarbhavi village. Asst. Professor in prestigious science college, Belgaum.


Shri. Bandu L. Majukar M.Sc.

Native of Majagaon village near Belgaum. Associate Professor and Head of Botany Department in prestigious GSS College, Belgaum.


Shri. Sadanand M. Patil B.E.(Civil), M.Tech.(Structural)

Born and schooled in Bidarbhavi village. Worked in L & T Mumbai. Presently working as Asst. Professor in GIT, Belgaum.